Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sally Kern

i believe in the 1st amendment. you have the right to say the most vile thing you can come up with and to hell with those that might be insulted. you have the right to say things that make you look like an in-bred, dumb-as-fuck yahoo who just might be closeted. you have the right to your religion, intolerant though it might be but as a state representative, you do not have the right to allow those beliefs to interfere with how you vote. that's the bottom line. you think god hates gay people? fine but you can't vote to disenfranchise gays based on your back woods, jack leg preacher bullshit!! and that's what we have come to in this country. our lawmakers are voting against allowing gays to marry and have the same rights as straight people, simply because their religions say homosexuality is immoral. your religion has no place in my government. i pay taxes. i abide by the laws and i will not be treated like a second rate citizen. kern said that homosexuality was a bigger threat than terrorism and islam. first of all, i love that the most feverishly religious among us are the most intolerant of others' beliefs and that islam is a is not so much the religion as the narrow minds that populate it. homosexuality is a bigger threat than terrorism? i guess we are to assume that somewhere in sleepy middle america, there are secret homosexual training camps plotting to take over the country in explosions of pastel. "Death to bad fashion and pansies for everyone!" run for your lives if your blood pumps bible-black ink. the gays are coming and houses will be painted and yards landscaped and the lesbians just might win the damn war on terrorism. kern said "that studies show no society that has totally embraced homosexuality has lasted more than a few decades..." hmm. what societies would those be? let's list societies that truly embraced, yeh, there really aren't any. i mean in ancient greece, you could diddle with the boys but there was no word for homosexuality and you were not expected to do it exclusively and even then, the greeks had a pretty successful culture. alexander the great was most likely in love with his best friend and he conquered much of the known world. hey, kern, maybe you could give us some examples. she said, "it spreads and this stuff is deadly. it will destroy this nation". i guess homosexuality is like cancer or some world war one trench gas. yes, miss kern, you do have the right to free speech but it is highly irresponsible of you to spew that kind of hatred about your fellow americans when you claim to be such a patriot. when you equate homosexuality with terrorism, you open the door to hate crimes. you create a war mentality and it is only a matter of time before people get hurt as a result of those words. you have free speech but you also have an obligation to your fellow man to consider the consequences of you actions. when you spew hate, you divide and foster an environment for violence against gays. spoke the cat says shut the fuck up, go find a woman, and get laid!

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