Saturday, December 26, 2009

trying terrorists in new york

i guess i fail to see what all the fuss is over trying terrorists in new york. i know, i hear the protestations over the fact that these are not americans and thus not deserving of being put on trial as though they were united states' citizens. when i hear things like that, i guess i wonder what way of life these gung ho, so called patriots think we are fighting to defend? the united states' judicial system is not perfect but over all, it works pretty damn well. i am pretty damn proud of it and i trust anyone being tried as a terrorist or not to that system. if we as americans believe in "justice for all", then that "all" must apply to everyone including terrorists. if you ask me, that is the american way or it should be.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

movie night

wow, just wow. if only i had known just how entertaining last night's debate would be, i would have made popcorn for the occasion. damn but new orleans knows how to do a mayoral debate up right. i laughed my ass off despite the fact that it made me a bit sad for not having thrown my hat into the ring. really sorry to have missed the opportunity to debate with the finest the city has to offer. i mean who would not want the chance to mentally joust with those on last night's stage, those knowledgeable bastards(and a few bitches)who had no idea how much new orleans owes in municipal bonds. in the end i walked away from the debates greatly amused and on the hunt for pot growing amish, the apparent true saviors of this our fine city. popcorn anyone?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

passing out free boats at city hall

i saw a cartoon of two men in suits walking down the street while fighting off flying, man-eating pigs. the one guy says to the other..."I hate this city. it is hot in the summer, freezing in the winter, and in between, there are flying man-eating pigs to contend with." i thought, aah, it is a cartoon about new orleans. it is hot as hell here in the summer time. it gets pretty damn cold in the winter especially when you factor in the fact that none of our houses are equipped to actually keep heat in. the politicians are racist, crooked, and inept. the police department is looking more and more like street thugs as illustrated by the recent times-picayune articles. our streets are in such a state of upheaval, splitting and sinking into holes the size of mini grand canyons that i am not sure why scientists are not convening on new orleans to study the forces that formed the topography of the earth. the water boiling ban is in effect for parts of the west bank and the city has gone under from torrential rainfall and all this while parts of new orleans sit shockingly in disrepair from katrina, mired in neglect and dust as though museum pieces to the wrath of mother nature and the ineptitude of man. someone remind me again why they don't pass out paxil with our morning cup of coffee and why there is not a yellow boat program here much like the yellow bike initiative launched in portland, oregon? i can see it now...little yellow boats moored across the city forever at the ready of pumps that simply cannot keep up with the force of mother nature. perhaps my friend is right, we should give up on the idea of a city on land, turn all streets into canals, and give everyone a free gondola and ten years' worth of mosquito spray. yeh, that and paxil for the masses.

Monday, December 7, 2009


i always find it tragic when politicians play the race card as nagin is doing now by hinting that new orleans is on the verge of electing a white mayor. he has come to this conclusion since our former district attorney was replaced by a white man. for too long ,nagin has put the interest of himself and the minority few above the needs of the city. i fail to understand how race should even factor into the electoral process. i simply do not care if my mayor is white, black or green from mars as long as he or she does a better job than nagin. what is right for new orleans is for the city to move forward and rid itself of the shackles of racism, no matter the form it takes. it is racism when it comes from a white man and it is equally just as racist when it comes from a black man. it is a shame that this is the legacy nagin chooses for himself. what a way to be a role model.