Monday, December 7, 2009


i always find it tragic when politicians play the race card as nagin is doing now by hinting that new orleans is on the verge of electing a white mayor. he has come to this conclusion since our former district attorney was replaced by a white man. for too long ,nagin has put the interest of himself and the minority few above the needs of the city. i fail to understand how race should even factor into the electoral process. i simply do not care if my mayor is white, black or green from mars as long as he or she does a better job than nagin. what is right for new orleans is for the city to move forward and rid itself of the shackles of racism, no matter the form it takes. it is racism when it comes from a white man and it is equally just as racist when it comes from a black man. it is a shame that this is the legacy nagin chooses for himself. what a way to be a role model.

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