Saturday, September 26, 2009


well...the october 1st opening date just might pass us by as a result of equipment difficulties. in order to get a health inspection, you need a fridge and freezer on sight and in their proper places. as luck would have it, they dropped the freezer when delivering and pretty much destroyed it. we are now a bit behind as a result. i am letting this roll off my back.
a couple of days ago and i would have lost and crumbled under stress but that was before i felt like i was going to have a heart attack. i have dropped about 20 pounds in a very short time and think that i am taking a new approach with life. i am letting the stress go. go stress, go away. who cares if we are behind. things will work themselves out anyway. they always do. besides, art for art's sake is coming up the first saturday of october and even though we will not be officially open, we hope people stop by and try some free samples of our food. i also hope to have my art work up for, despite the set backs, things will be just fine.

Monday, September 21, 2009

it's different when they are your children

i have been around dogs my whole life. my grandfather used to raise bird dogs for hunting and i have seen many a bird dog born. i have also witnessed many a dog fight and am thus quite familiar with the very wise rule of never, ever getting in between two dogs who have tied up. it's different when they are your children. my girlfriend has two boxers and they both get along quite well with my dog, that is until the other night. one of her boxers got into quite the bout with my dog and try as we did, we could not separate them and i was terrified that it would end in an emergency vet visit for one or both dogs. they are both my children. i did the thing you are never supposed to do and that was, i put my leg in between them to separate them. my own dog bit me. oh boy. it is one thing to get bit by a stray and quite another to have your own adorable dog puncture the oh so tender flesh of your left leg. oh well. at least the puppies are ok, if somewhat scarred. my dog got a nasty cut on her ear that seemed so much more horrific since ear wounds bleed like head traumas. thank god for level headed girlfriends that staunch ear wounds and then tend to bite marks on their dumb girlfriend's leg. thanks S, you are really so much more than i ever could have hoped for.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


it seems the critics are backing off after hearing obama's speach to school children. it is amazing to me that every one got so up in arms over the president of the united states addressing our nation's school children. imagine, the president talking to the youth of this country! what was he thinking? presidents never address the children except for all the ones that did it before obama, like reagan. hmm. of course reagan was an actual united states citizen, right? there were no rumors aswirl over his nationality. he also had a good american name, not like obama. obama...hmm, sounds like a manchurian candidate to me. and reagan was in no shape or form a socialist. he was such a card carrying capitalist that he deregulated everything he could get his hands on. obama wants to make health care available to every one and well, that is definitely something we should be fear. i mean, imagine not having to choose between eating and getting your prescription refilled? yeh, you are right, that is not important and besides that only applies to the poor and everybody knows that the poor are poor because they are lazy. right? right! so maybe it really was some subversive message that obama sent to the country's school children. i wonder if anyone has thought to play the speech backwards like we all did with mr. roboto. i am just sure it says something like, "rise up and over throw the capitalist loving pigs!!" or "death to infidels!" or "smoking is good for you!" wait, i know..."brocoli is bad!" damn, when will these stupid left wingers just shut the fuck up?

Monday, September 7, 2009

stress the dead line for opening looms, the amount of stress rises. we are all working ourselves into states of exhaustion in order to open by october 1st. it has begun to take its toll. we are all cranky and performing tasks at less than optimal levels. i, personally seem to be misplacing items of extreme importance. i work on the restaurant all day and then go do tours at night and i am not sure where i should be at any given time or what it is that i should have with me. i miss the gym. i miss crossword puzzles and lazy sunday sipping coffee days. i miss me time.

yet...i must say that as the opening date gets closer, i get more excited. more nervous too. i could vomit every second of the day but i am still excited.