Saturday, September 26, 2009


well...the october 1st opening date just might pass us by as a result of equipment difficulties. in order to get a health inspection, you need a fridge and freezer on sight and in their proper places. as luck would have it, they dropped the freezer when delivering and pretty much destroyed it. we are now a bit behind as a result. i am letting this roll off my back.
a couple of days ago and i would have lost and crumbled under stress but that was before i felt like i was going to have a heart attack. i have dropped about 20 pounds in a very short time and think that i am taking a new approach with life. i am letting the stress go. go stress, go away. who cares if we are behind. things will work themselves out anyway. they always do. besides, art for art's sake is coming up the first saturday of october and even though we will not be officially open, we hope people stop by and try some free samples of our food. i also hope to have my art work up for, despite the set backs, things will be just fine.

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