Wednesday, September 9, 2009


it seems the critics are backing off after hearing obama's speach to school children. it is amazing to me that every one got so up in arms over the president of the united states addressing our nation's school children. imagine, the president talking to the youth of this country! what was he thinking? presidents never address the children except for all the ones that did it before obama, like reagan. hmm. of course reagan was an actual united states citizen, right? there were no rumors aswirl over his nationality. he also had a good american name, not like obama. obama...hmm, sounds like a manchurian candidate to me. and reagan was in no shape or form a socialist. he was such a card carrying capitalist that he deregulated everything he could get his hands on. obama wants to make health care available to every one and well, that is definitely something we should be fear. i mean, imagine not having to choose between eating and getting your prescription refilled? yeh, you are right, that is not important and besides that only applies to the poor and everybody knows that the poor are poor because they are lazy. right? right! so maybe it really was some subversive message that obama sent to the country's school children. i wonder if anyone has thought to play the speech backwards like we all did with mr. roboto. i am just sure it says something like, "rise up and over throw the capitalist loving pigs!!" or "death to infidels!" or "smoking is good for you!" wait, i know..."brocoli is bad!" damn, when will these stupid left wingers just shut the fuck up?

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