Wednesday, June 23, 2010


...maybe the question we should ask is why general mccrystal; in the middle of his afghanastan policy, has the time to give rolling stone an interview? his troop build up initiative is way behind schedule and may very well be on the verge of collapse but by all means, take time out to bash government officials in a pop culture magazine. i think perhaps mccrystal is not mature enough to lead the operation.

Monday, June 14, 2010

the plan

the above link that i actually cannot decipher how to properly link is of fareed zakaria lamenting the focus by the media on getting an emotional rise out of the president. it is such an excellent commentary that there is little to add.

i guess what i would like to see from obama is an actual plan. we all know that the government cannot stop the gushing oil. we simply do not have the capacity to do so. yet, there are measures that can be taken.

1.)make relief wells mandatory on all deep water drilling rigs. immediately begin drilling them to offset the economic loss oil rig workers. this buys time to over haul the safety practices.

2.)begin an energy over haul in this country where we create thousands of new eco-friendly jobs that radically begin to detox this nation from its oil addiction. the goal is to be oil free and give the country a time line. we all need structure.

3.)pass a law that states no politician can take money from oil companies.

we need a plan. we need a radical plan to move this nation forward, creating new jobs, weening us off of oil, and thus weakening terrorists by hitting them in their pocket books. we need to act as a nation and stop looking back to fossil fuels and concentrate on a cleaner future.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


do we really live in a society that so cowards before israel that citizens cannot speak out against the rogue nation without fear of public castigation? israel is a terrorist state, routinely engaging in acts that we accuse al-queda of doing. you do not get to steal land from palestinians under the guise of "returning home" to a place you have not occupied in 2,000 years. it is an act of terrorism to massacre 254 women, children, and old men in the palestinian village of deir yassin only to turn around and declare yourself a nation.

here is a news flash...israel is not the chosen people. they are not better than the rest of us that live on this planet. they are a rogue nation. they engage in terrorism. israel has repeatedly abused the palestinians while stealing their land. i applaud anyone with the guts to stand up, risking their job to tell the truth and what is the truth? the truth is that israel should get the hell out of palestine and the united states should stop supporting their petulant behavior.