Tuesday, June 8, 2010


do we really live in a society that so cowards before israel that citizens cannot speak out against the rogue nation without fear of public castigation? israel is a terrorist state, routinely engaging in acts that we accuse al-queda of doing. you do not get to steal land from palestinians under the guise of "returning home" to a place you have not occupied in 2,000 years. it is an act of terrorism to massacre 254 women, children, and old men in the palestinian village of deir yassin only to turn around and declare yourself a nation.

here is a news flash...israel is not the chosen people. they are not better than the rest of us that live on this planet. they are a rogue nation. they engage in terrorism. israel has repeatedly abused the palestinians while stealing their land. i applaud anyone with the guts to stand up, risking their job to tell the truth and what is the truth? the truth is that israel should get the hell out of palestine and the united states should stop supporting their petulant behavior.

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