Friday, April 30, 2010

maybe now we can reconsider offshore drilling

well, i think now we can put to bed the notion that offshore oil rigs are safe. perhaps president obama might reconsider opening the gulf to new offshore drilling. this is not a minor spill with a limited amount of oil. this is a catastrophic event, spewing thousands of gallons of oil into the gulf of mexico, threatening the delicate ecosystem of our already fragile wetlands. we have the technology to free ourselves from this oil addiction but we continue to be held hostage to oil lobbyists. it has to start with the american people demanding an alternative to oil. we have to put the fear of god into washington. they have to be more afraid of us and our voting power than they are of the power that big oil wields. we can change our country's energy policy but we have to act now! we have to act together.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

something to think about

general motors borrowed $50 billion from u.s taxpayers. it is investing $250 million to build a research center in china as part of its new "international" headquarters. they continue to expand their engineering team in china. they are hiring more people in china. now, i just want to emphasize that they borrowed $50 billion from u.s taxpayers and yet they seem more concerned with aiding the chinese economy than the u.s one. perhaps they could pay that money back and borrow what they need from china.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


do you think dogs have bad dreams and if so, what would be a bad dream for a dog?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

you know...

i really am an optimist but sometimes, things can really depress and frustrate me. i think it is very sad that a mississippi teen was forced to miss her prom simply because the school withdrew their sponsorship in the face of the aclu charges of discrimination. so basically this girl was punished for being gay and wanting to share her prom with her girlfriend. way to go really are the state that continues to make louisiana look good.

california, with all of its progression(you can actually buy raw milk in the stores)is only now debating whether they should repeal a state law designed to find a cure from homosexuality. a cure makes it sound like a bad case of strep throat or ebola. i can just hear parents now, "now run along to school and remember don't touch any effeminate men wearing pink or any short haired girls sporting a tool belt lest you catch the gay disease." now that is tax payer money well spent.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

it has been awhile

it is spring and i have been out of the loop though if asked, i would be hard pressed to say exactly what i have been doing or where i have been doing it. i think i have been mostly hiding.

i love spring in the city. warm days. cool nights. it is the season when every hour is the perfect hour for a cocktail. perhaps a pimm's cup with muddled up cucumber to infuse the taste of spring throughout.

we just painted the spare bedroom orange and are contemplating a garden in the backyard. we have to get the soil tested before we can plant edibles since the area flooded in katrina and also because of the history of lead paint in new orleans.

we have begun juicing and taking some tentative steps into the raw food life style. i will be writing more blogs on this adventure. i am doing some research on what constitutes a healthy diet and feel some rants coming on. they promise to be terribly politically incorrect.

till then.