Sunday, April 4, 2010

it has been awhile

it is spring and i have been out of the loop though if asked, i would be hard pressed to say exactly what i have been doing or where i have been doing it. i think i have been mostly hiding.

i love spring in the city. warm days. cool nights. it is the season when every hour is the perfect hour for a cocktail. perhaps a pimm's cup with muddled up cucumber to infuse the taste of spring throughout.

we just painted the spare bedroom orange and are contemplating a garden in the backyard. we have to get the soil tested before we can plant edibles since the area flooded in katrina and also because of the history of lead paint in new orleans.

we have begun juicing and taking some tentative steps into the raw food life style. i will be writing more blogs on this adventure. i am doing some research on what constitutes a healthy diet and feel some rants coming on. they promise to be terribly politically incorrect.

till then.

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