Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the ghost of mardi gras past

another mardi gras has come and gone and i say thank god! there were some observations that i noted and wish to share.

1) there will always be stupid people that decide to drive into the heart of masked revelers dancing in the street and have the audacity to actually get angry over people not moving out of the way.

2)there will never be enough portable bathrooms.

3)you cannot use a bathroom in an establishment without buying a drink that will cause you to need to use the bathroom in an establishment which will force you to purchase a drink that will make you need to go to the...oh bloody hell, you get the point.

4)there will always be the same guys dressed as skeletons with big bones dangling from there crotches and as they consume one big ASS beer after another, they will inevitably come on to women using their boners...ha, ha get it? boner? they are skeletons. yeh, it isn't really very original.

5)it is best to go out to mardi gras early and be home in bed, with a liter of gator aid and a packet of vitamins by no later than 5 pm.

until next time.

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