Sunday, January 17, 2010

why georges is not getting my vote

dear mr. georges, you are not black so please refrain from playing the race card as though you are and while on topic, you are not hip enough either. i am always suspicious of politicians that change their party allegiances simply because they think it will make them more palatable to voters. georges, you were a republican but switched to being a democrat because we love democrats in new orleans. hmm, i wonder where your loyalties really lie. you sold all your gambling machines when you ran for governor because that looked bad but when you lost, you bought them all back. i am waiting for the real georges to stand up. so, you can throw your money around on fancy attack ads but you still won't get my vote.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


i live in one of those oh so typical new orleans' houses, built back in the 1860's, no insulation, tall ceilings, and floor to ceiling windows. in other words, the heat just flies right out. my house is happily raised, good for floods but bad for exposed plumbing. i left my water running in the front bathroom and the kitchen but not the back bathroom. i only left the cold water running. this leads me to number 601 on the things you should know about home ownership. if your home is raised but not underpinned then you should leave the water running at every faucet and that includes both hot and cold. go team! i did not do that. i now have no hot water in any part of the house and no water of any kind in the back bathroom. we are not going to get out of the thirties today and so there will be no showers. i'm having post-katrina flashbacks. here is the real kicker, i think the pipes cracked a bit but i am hoping that it is just condensation and nothing more.
house ownership rule number 602, if your house is raised and not underpinned then you should insulate your pipes even if you live in the sub-tropics. who knew?
ok, i am off to blowdry the pipes for warmth.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

spoke needs to meditate

it is a brand new year and i intend to have some things to show for it by the time 2011 comes rolling around. this is going to be the year that i get my finances is in order, my relationships tidied up, and my art work off the ground. oh and i am going to travel. i guess i have been stuck in idle far too long and need to kick myself in my own ass to get motivated. i also need to start meditating. i come from rural southwest georgia where the concept of meditating might mean ruminating on the weather or soybean blight but nothing like the soul lifting buddhist transformation. in other words, i have no fucking idea how to go about meditating. do i light a candle? should i take a bath? is it about counting my breaths? what? how do you stop your mind from wandering? spoke is soliciting help from the oh so few readers who are just bored enough to actually be reading this. open the flood gates and let the advice come gushing in!!