Tuesday, May 6, 2008

public rudeness

ok, let's revisit the rules of how to behave properly in public.
rule number one: blow your nose in private!! i know it is allergy season and we are all reduced to drippy messes but stop being lazy and get up and go to the bathroom and take care of your business there. please do this especially if you find yourself in a place that serves food or drink. thank you.
rule number two: i do not need to to see your food in your mouth while you are chewing it, nor do i need to hear the mastication process. you are not a trough animal. stop acting like one.
rule number three: if i let you in front of me in traffic, wave thank you. failure to execute this common courtesy makes me want to ram my vehicle into the back of yours.
rule number four: i don't need nor do i want to hear your music while you are driving down the street. i'm listening to my own music thank you very much.
rule number five: put the fucking cell phone down if you are at a counter being waited on. if your cell phone rings while in a coffee shop or restaurant, get up and take the conversation outside. i don't give a damn who you are screwing.
rule number five: control your children! the old adage, children should be seen and not heard...yeh think along those lines.
this is a start to a better society, so let's all pitch and do our part.

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