Wednesday, May 20, 2009

if we can't get money from a democrat...

i voted for obama. i happily voted for obama. i utilized my powers of democracy, in part because i fully expected that louisiana would get money for coastal restoration. i was wrong.
the louisiana coastline is the fastest disappearing land mass in the world. we are losing the land more rapidly than the amazon rain forest. every ten months, an area the size of manhattan slips away.
without coastal restoration, new orleans is doomed. it will not matter how high they build the levees, if we are sitting in the middle of the gulf of mexico.
i love this city and the bush administration nearly finished what the failed levees started, with their inept response and failure to appropriate proper funding for coastal restoration. i looked to obama. i am still looking.
state officials were looking to the obama administration for money to begin 10 major coastal restoration projects at a cost of 1.2 to 1.9 billion. the obama administration is only allocating 25 million for the plan.
hurricane season begins june 1st and once again, we find ourselves in the most precarious of positions. our levees still are not up to par and the miles and miles of wetlands that once lay between new orleans and hurricanes has all but slipped into the ocean. we need action. we need money, not empty promises. the clock is ticking and if we can't get money from a democrat, who the hell can we get it from?

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CrookedCharisma said...

Sister: You know I try to avoid politics but this past week there was a nasty article about the DDD cause FEMA has decided not to pay the money they had promised because of an accounting error. I know you are anti-big government but when an agency tries to do the right thing then "the man" steps in and basically denies the statements that they made then I myself get upset. Fortunately, we have people that have our i's dotted and t's crossed so maybe those are trying to make a difference won't be discredited. We shall see.