Thursday, July 2, 2009


i went to the imax today and finally saw hurricane on the bayou. the footage of katrina was heartbreaking as it always is but the film was beautifully shot. i have been somewhat depressed about the wetlands lately, since that new study was revealed,stating that the mississippi no longer has the sediment load to keep up with the rising ocean levels and consequent erosion. it seems we will have to work smarter, strategically redirecting the river to areas where it will do the most good. is that good enough? some areas will suffer and continue to vanish at an alarming rate and not only will communities in those areas be vulnerable but the entire ecosystems of those areas. all the birds. all the animals that call those wetlands home also vanish. this is incredibly sad to me as is our continued need to discuss the problem without at least beginning to implement changes. my god, if something is not done we will lose it all! we will lose the ecological diversity. we will lose the unique cajun culture. the beauty will be lost and the greatest city in the united states(and quite possibly on earth)will turn to open gulf. what else is left to talk about? must we continue to fiddle while rome burns? let's at least start saving parts of the wetlands before there is nothing to save. when it's gone it is gone. and when it is gone, we will have lost a place of such heartbreaking beauty and mystery that none of us will ever be the same. it will be the kind of tragedy that dims the light of the world.

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