Thursday, May 20, 2010

chris myers

in a perfect world, people would not blame the victims. imagine the horror of standing on your roof top watching bodies of your neighbors float by and wondering when help will arrive. factor in the relentless august heat, no shelter, no water, and the fear that your house might be next to collapse. i guess i fail to understand how people sitting comfy in dry homes can somehow compare the fortitude of one natural disaster victim to another. all i know is that there were real heros operating that day. ordinary people that took boats and rescued person after person off their roof tops when there was no government help in sight. i never met a stranger after the storm and i saw people collapse on the street under the weight of such loss in this city post-katrina, that were helped up by people previously unknown. we may have a reputation but in new orleans, i learned that we take care of our own. we weathered katrina and gustav and we will weather this damn oil spill. we are the city of new orleans and fat mouthed sportscasters and stupid b.p officials can go fuck themselves. we are new orleans!

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