Tuesday, February 15, 2011

trying to understand the new l.s.u hospital

there is no level one trauma center in new orleans and despite this fact, the powers that be have decided not to rehab the existing charity hospital in favor of a much more expensive and disruptive new facility. this medical behemoth will sit atop land where family homes once stood, homes recently renovated from the katrina deluge. these homes were a part of the city's architecturally significant landscape which has become all the more precious after the flooding literally disintegrated so many where they stood.

the project is full steam ahead. empty land spreads out where families once played out their lives. all those beautiful old homes just gone. there is one building of historical significance remaining and that is the old mcdonogh school. this beautiful german gothic style structure will fall to the wrecking ball if something is not done to save it. i fail to see why l.s.u cannot incorporate it into their plan for the area rather than tear this building down. new orleans is a slow, sleepy city where the residents rarely get riled up about anything but if we as a city do not start standing up to save our historic gems, then soon we may look like dallas or atlanta.

if anyone reading this is interested then let's start making some noise. let's try an organize a "save mcdonogh school"

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