Tuesday, October 16, 2007

john georges

first of all, i'm not sure if anyone really reads this blog much and even if they do i doubt they give a damn about my opinions. having said that, spoke the cat would like to endorse john georges for governor. more than anything else, i want to emphasize that you need to do your own research into each and every candidate running. bobby jindal's voting record is on the web for you to peruse and there is plenty of information about the other candidates. after much research, i think georges is the best candidate for the state of louisiana. he is not perfect but i think he has the tools necessary to lead us in the right direction. even if you disagree with me, i still hope you go out and vote.


heyera said...

I agree! John Georges understands Louisiana and he can stand up to the big boys.

Plus, he knows that you can raise a traditional family where children are taught values and raised with faith AND still be able to keep an open door, mind and heart to ALL people.

Too many politicians think that they have to pick one or the other -- Georges has the balance Louisiana needs!

spoke the cat said...

make sure you vote!

Morris said...

I agree with you that he is probably the best candidate-its un fortunate however that either Jindal will win outright or will be in a runoff with Boasso. My vote will go to Georges anyway.

spoke the cat said...

yeh, i am a bit worried but i actually think georges has a better chance tha boasso. don't believe anything you read in the times trifling. they are so heavily in favor of jindal that i think they are down playing the chances of georges. georges just picked up the endorsement of the baptist churches state wide and that is no small feat. i'm keeping my fingers crossed.