Friday, October 26, 2007

what is wrong with eddie jordan?

k-ville is plummeting in the ratings and all i can say is if they just paid attention to the local news, they would have plenty of good plot lines to work with. i mean what can be better than an armed robbery suspect, who is also connected with a home invasion where a police officer was shot, fleeing to the damn D.A's house. i mean damn! that would be some good watching. good ole eddie claims that he did not know of the boy's crimes and when he learned of them, he called the police. ok, but here is the problem i have and that is that after he called the police, he just went missing for three days. he wouldn't answer his phone and he wouldn't come to the door. hmm and the striking thing is that this suspect is still on the loose. when asked about his missing three days, he said(and really this is my favorite part) "i don't know if you've been reading the papers, but i got some things going on. i got one or two things going on. i'm getting it from all sides." i wonder if he is referring to a 3.7 million judgement against his office for racial discrimination. i bet firing all those white workers doesn't seem like such a good idea now. oh, and one last thing to mention, eddie's girlfriend is apparently friends with the suspect and spent the day with him in baton rouge. this whole think stinks worse than the quarter on a summer's day. is anyone actually buying this? i think we need another march, only this time, let's march to his damn house and call for his resignation. enough is enough!!

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Morris said...

Sorry,Spoke you didn't go far enough!! Beyond his resignation citizens must rise up and demand some sort of sanctions be placed upon him by the State Bar Assn. and/or the Judiciary. He must be brought to task for his continued incompetence and arrogant behavior!