Wednesday, November 14, 2007

growth hormones and milk

i love milk. i love everything about it from its creaminess to its color and so i wish that we would stop fucking around with nature's perfect elixir. i don't want to drink a cup of growth hormones or antibiotics. i just want milk in its pure form. hell, i don't even want it pasteurized so i find it disturbing that pennsylvania is now preventing dairies from labeling their milk as hormone-free. WHAT?? i want to know what i'm drinking. i deserve to know what i'm drinking. i don't want hormones. i don't want chemicals. i don't want the government hiding hormones and other chemicals. i want to know. it pisses me off that the government, whether it be local or national is constantly poking its nose into my business; telling me what i can or cannot ingest, who i can or cannot sleep with, what i can or cannot wear(baggy pants that show my underwear, and where i can or cannot travel(i hear cuba is nice this time of year). i'm fed up. this law in penn. sets a dangerous precedent which threatens to catch on in this country. you better start making some noise if you want any say as to what is in your food.

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