Tuesday, November 6, 2007

religious right

zealotry...that ought to be a dirty word. it never ceases to amaze me what people will do in the name of god and if there is a god, he must grow so bored with us. in the name of god, people strap a bomb to their chest and a blow up an israeli bus. in the name of god, so called christians protests the funerals of american soldiers by holding up signs that read, "god hates fags". they do this because they believe that god is punishing this country for allowing homosexuality to continue. they do this in the name of god and here is where i take issue. let us assume there is a god. we shall take it on fact. are we really to beleive that god searched the world over and the best that he could find was some dumb son of a bitch spitting out teeth and tobacco juice in the back forty to be his mouth piece? really? i am galled by the level of arrogance that you have to posses in order to believe that you and no one else has the direct line to god! out of the entire world, he would choose the half washed illiterate bubbas of the world to go forth and barrel chest his message to the world. and what is that message? "god hates fags" in this time of global warming, drought, wild fires, and wars all god has to say is that he hates fags? funny, i thought god was love. you know what? spoke the cat says shut the fuck up! you just are not that important.


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see this is why I encouraged you to have a blog.

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