Tuesday, January 29, 2008

state of disunion

bastard boy was at it again last night with his ridiculous rhetoric, endless repetitions, and inability to actually say anything. yes, mr. bush, we are indeed fighting terrorism in iraq but it is terrorism that we helped foster by invading the country and managing to piss off the entire muslim world. terrorists from all over the globe now pour into iraq to fight what they see as a holy war thanks to our unprovoked attack, accomplished by a steady diet of lies fed to the american people in order to fatten them up for the slaughter and speaking of slaughter, how many americans have died there? get us out! let's talk about the tanking economy because it keeps us from talking about the war and neither the democrats nor the republicans want to talk about the war. the democrats hate being reminded that they voted for it and since taking office have failed miserably to grow some balls and act decisively. pony the fuck up! and good old george will not be happy until iraq is our next state but i guess that would solve our energy crisis for the time being since we are like a junkie with the oil needle jammed up our arm. yes folks, we are in iraq until hell freezes over but take heart because that is unlikely to happen with global warming! shrub was again pushing the wire tapping proposal...allow your government to spy on you and erode your freedoms to keep you safe from terrorism. hmm, that is the very definition of terror boys and girls. wake up! make some noise befor we are all doing forced jumping jacks in front of the big brother screen. but i must say that the highlight of last night was bush signing autographs like some damn rock star. i guess in the world of fascism, he is something to behold. so get that right arm up...heil bush. spoke the cat says fuck that shit!


Morris said...

Welcome back Spoke-i have missed your pithy and oh so valid comments

spoke the cat said...

thank you. it is good to be back.