Tuesday, February 12, 2008

the art of lies

huckabee was quoted as saying that he has not nor will he allow his faith to conflict with upholding the constitution. hmm. he also made the statement that the constitution should be made to reflect the beliefs of the bible. that seems a bit in conflict with the first statement and it does pose an interesting question...whose interpretation of the bible? are you more of an old testament stone the sinner angry god type or a turn the other cheek soft spoken jesus kind of christian? hmm. just asking. the constitution does not say that marriage is between a man and a woman. it makes no mention of it at all. huckabee as likened homosexuality to pedophilia and called for the sanctity of marriage to be preserved as a heterosexual privilage. that is a faith based unconstitutionally motivated belief that allows tax paying citizens not to be treated equally just because they prefer the same sex. i write this because it is a very real possibility that if mccain gets the nomination, he will choose huckabee as his running mate. it is no secret that mccain is not the darling of the religious right and huckabee would help reel in that voting bloc. i find this disturbing because i am not sure that the democrats have a candidate that can beat that team. so i hope to god that we turn out in force come election day and take back this country from the so called moral majority(that is anything but moral...david vitter)who have damn near run this nation into the ground. how dare they cry god as though they have a direct phone line to heaven. what arrogance to say that god made you president...hey bush, did he say that before or after you stopped drinking and doing lines of coke? how disgusting it is for them to call our patriotism into question when we dare to speak out against this pathetic war, torture, or domestic spying. i, we speak out because we love this country. we are the true patriots. any idiot can fly the flag. look around, there are plenty of them doing it for god and country. so let's take this motherfucking country back and the worried world heave a sigh of relief.

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