Thursday, February 14, 2008

wire tapping

let me ask a question...if you are a terrorist(given the nature of your business)is it not a fair assumption that you probably have some suspicion of being wire tapped? then who exactly is the government spying on? they want you to believe that you are giving up your freedoms to be safe but that is giving away a lot of power to an already powerful entity. you also assume that our government will not abuse that power and that it has our best interest at heart. history does not support this naive view. let's review. our government introduced cocaine into all black, inner city areas in the hopes that blacks would destroy themselves. our government injected syphilis into black airmen. our government incarcerated millions of united states' citizens during world war two. our government marched unsuspecting united states soldiers out to ground zero during repeated atomic tests in order to evaluate the psychological and physical effects of radiation exposure. at the very least, most of the men became sterile. our government ignored the right of free speech and put hollywood on trial during the dark years of the mccarthy era. it also imprisoned countless others for being members of the communist party, even though there was no law against being a member of the communist party. i could go on but hopefully the point has been made. our government does not have a good tract record. no government has a good tract record. that is why the founding fathers built in the system of checks and balances that the bush administration is quickly doing away with and with the help of the democrats, since they helped vote in his wire tapping expansion bill. clinton and obama were too busy prostrating themselves before delegates to even vote on such an important issue. they also failed to vote on the water boarding ban, which thank god passed. mccain voted against that ban. i find that disturbing since he spent years being tortured at hanoi hilton. i can write about this all day every day for the rest of my life and it won't do a bit of good unlees we as citizens take action. you have got to flood those in elected office and tell them that you disagree. they work for you, unless in your silence, you give them room to work for whoever takes an interest. this is your country!! take it back.

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