Thursday, June 19, 2008

don't let them snow you

bush is crying for the opening of the alaska wild life refuge as well as off shore areas for oil drilling, all with the promise of lowering rising gas prices and thus taking the strain off the backs of hard working citizens. someone nominate him for an oscar. please! when has bush ever been concerned for the well being of average americans? it is average americans getting killed in iraq and let's not forget how he misled us into that catastrophe. i know we are all hurting and we want a magic little pill that POOF lowers gas prices but allowing big oil into those areas will not solve our crisis. it will take years to begin to drill in those areas and gas prices will stay inflated. there is no relief coming. bush's proposal means one thing and one thing only and that is more money for the greedy oil guys and we all know bush is one of them. they want to tell you that it is safe to drill in those areas but we know accidents happen and the potential for an ecological disaster to occur is simply too great a risk to run for some pipe dream that might lower gas prices a couple of cents years into the future. they are missing the point. if we put our ingenuity behind alternative energy sources then years into the future, it won't matter if gas prices come down because we won't be dependent upon oil. this is a ruse people and we have to make some noise. does it seem odd to you that they just voted to extend tax breaks to oil companies but did not vote to renew tax breaks to alternative energy prospects? this should be a red flag. don't let this administration dupe you yet again by blaming the democrats for rising prices based on the fact that they won't let big oil in. never mind the fact that we ought to making some radical changes in the interest of global warming or all our coastal cities are going to be under water. call your elected officials and tell them NO to yet another asinine plan by the bush administration.

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