Friday, June 13, 2008


i wish i had something profound to say over the latest nagin antic or something witty with which to hold the interests of my one or two readers but i do not. i'm just sick and horrified. i'm saddened and exasperated. i never voted for the man and thus i never expected much but the fact that he is taking his wife out for their anniversary on tax payers' money really is a new low for the bastard. this is a man who at the very least pays lip service to wanting to resurrect new orleans and he is dining out with our money. shame on him. whatever happened to the self sacrifice of public office? my god! but i am sick of the corruption. this act is or should be an impeachable offense and yet no one seems to be raising the kind of ruckus needed to oust this pathetic excuse for a mayor. we ,as a city just sit idly by and allow our elected officials to continue to get away with the most egregious of actions...hell, in some instances we even elect them back into office. i swear but i am losing my faith and i believe that we just get what we fucking deserve.

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