Thursday, July 24, 2008

oil spill

hmm. let me get this straight, there is the possibility that the entire crew of one of the ships involved in the collision that dumped toxic sludge into the river might have been unlicensed. way to go! now all that shit is floating down towards the gulf of mexico where it ought to have an absolutely positive impact on the ever expanding dead zone. oh, i know they are assuring us that the environmental impact is low but i am not sure i believe them, just like i don't believe them when they tell me the now wretched air of new orleans is fine. has anyone else experienced dizziness, burning eyes, lungs, or throat?? as though we didn't all suffer enough with the katrina cough. yeh, maybe we could all remember this and write in to our representatives to let them know that we have had enough of oil! to hell with bush's new drilling plan! it is time to rid the planet of man made toxins. my god!but our children are being born toxic! i keep hearing that we want to be independent of foreign oil and yet the one way to do that is alternative energies and we refuse! flat out refuse! we will choke on oil just like we are choking on it here in new orleans post spill if we don't have a grass roots movement to stop this bullshit. demand clean fuel! demand it while you still can. you have the fucking power of the vote so use it!

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