Wednesday, July 16, 2008

road conditions

would it be too much trouble for the city of new orleans to pave a few streets especially in the bywater , marigny, and french quarter so that i could stop having my internal organs rearranged. i mean damn! i know the water table is only about 4 feet down and that we kind of float, thus tearing up the roads but a little maintenance would be nice. im grateful that they have started putting in bike lanes but how about a smoother ride? maybe im just bitching and it really is too much to ask not to be bounced off my bike while i am trying to avoid all the crazies in vehicles and the hapless bastards that forget to look before opening their car doors. it's enough to make you start walking.


amy said...

but what about the boobie bounce? how else would i get to enjoy your boobie bounce at 9 am if if not for the FQ potholes?

spoke the cat said... assume that spoke is female. tsk tsk.