Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the joys of prednisone

i am currently finishing up a 10 day round of prednisone after being diagnosed with the walking pneumonia and who the hell gets walking pneumonia anyway?? prednisone is a powerful thing when you can't breath but the side effects are hell. i have become a seething, weeping mess and the kind of person that threatens people with their morning muffin. the other day i attacked an unsuspecting parking meter and beat hell out of it just because it wasn't functioning. i cry through comedies. i cry through tragedies. i cry through lunch. i cry myself to sleep. i cry because i cry and then i put my fist through a wall. yea for stability!! i'm looking forward to getting back to normal and also the continued function of my lungs. quiet down rebellious alveoli and riotous bronchiole tubes!! enough, order will be restored. anyway, here's to all those who have ever held aloft the prednisone cocktail or been forced to deal with someone who has.


Cold Spaghetti said...

It is a nasty, rough med -- no question! Hope you feel better soon!

spoke the cat said...