Tuesday, December 2, 2008

driving home in the rain

once upon a time, my windshield wipers worked. time passed and they quit working. more time passed and they worked again. they stayed working until i drove home from georgia, got onto a long bridge, and the bottom fell out of the sky. no visibility. i almost drove the vehicle off the bridge trying to pull over. it is a dangerous proposition to pull over on a bridge in good weather but really freaking scary to do it in a rainstorm. needless to say, it was a long drive home with hazards a glowing. well, one hazard light that is, since the other light is out. that light went out about the time my air condition quit working and the rear view mirror fell off. the front bumper fell off too. the back bumper is smashed in and there is a leak somewhere so that when it rains, water gets in and the whole interior mildews. hmm. hmm. hmmm again. dramatic pause followed by agitated shaking of my head.

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amyjett said...

i'd like to share this with you to make you feel better:
cute kitty