Thursday, December 11, 2008

and i thought it was bad when pat boone sang

i now know that it is far worse when pat boone attempts to write political commentary, in which he compares homosexuals to the mumbai terrorists than it is to listen to him sing. i'm not even sure what to say to that, except, how very sad and pathetic. it must be hard to have passed your heyday of the whitest of white bread crooners, screeching out your swan song as rock and roll slowly and surly eclipsed you. thank god for rock and roll! hey, pat, this asinine rambling mess of political bullshit you spewed out will not resurrect your long dead musical career. christ himself would probably reject raising that corpse from the dead. so pat...dear not so sweet pat...santa isn't going to bring you a number one song this year. he won't be coming to your house at all unless it's to bring you a stocking full of coal. so have a fucking merry christmas you right wing stupid son of a bitch.

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