Tuesday, December 9, 2008

time stands still in new orleans

"in the latter half of the 1850's, the attorney general complained about the crime in new orleans, stating that the police force was ineffective, witnesses to crimes were frequently afraid to testify, too many people were exempted from jury service, jurors received no per diem compensation and were called for too many days of service, the recorders' courts failed to keep written records of testimony in preliminary hearings, and the district attorney's office was grossly undermanned and overworked. as a consequence, the criminal justice system was not very effective at catching or prosecuting murder suspects." does that sound familiar?? it was stated that new orleans was possibly the most violent city in the country during the 1850's and so it is again. hmm. you think, that after all this time we might be able to pull this shit together but you would be wrong. damn!

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