Friday, December 19, 2008

a shining light of freedom

the united nations has proposed a measure that would decriminalize homosexuality. This push comes at a time when more than 70 united nation members outlaw homosexuality, with some even imposing the death penalty. guess who refused to sign?? the united states. that's right, the good old united states of america, that beacon of hope for the oppressed everywhere has refused to support a measure that advocates equality for all. we really are the bastion of freedom. my god, even the vatican supports the measure and we all know how the catholic church feels about homosexuality. i expect the united states is afraid to back this resolution for fear of having their own anti-gay policies held up to the light. our government insist on passing the buck down to the individual states to decide. this allows many states to look the other way when landlords and employers discriminate based on sexual orientation. and yes, it does still happen. then there is the pesky matter of not being able to be open about your sexuality and serve in the military. it should be a matter of national outcry that a person could serve on the front lines in iraq or afghanistan and later be drummed out of the military, loosing all benefits in the process, simply because they are gay. we, as a nation need to revisit what freedom means. you cannot pick and choose those you deem worthy of freedom without eroding the very basic definition of the word. so the united states sits back, spewing our rhetoric and dropping liberty bombs on muslims, all the while men and women are imprisoned or executed for their sexual orientation. let me run right out and buy a flag to wave because i am oh so fucking proud!!

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