Sunday, December 21, 2008

the myrtles

i went to the myrtles plantation this weekend for a bit of ghostly sleuthing and confess to being somewhat disappointed. the house itself is over two hundred years old and is on the national registry of historic places. it was beautiful. the grounds were lovely but the actual history was quite lacking. our guide made mention of many things that are historically suspect and that was on the straight up history tour. they kind of lost me there. the ghost story is...well it's a ghost story and you can choose to believe or not. i personally was hoping for some intense paranormal activity. we were staying out in the area of the former stables and my friend said that she kept hearing the sound of horses through out the night. i did not hear the horses but i did dream that they were outside the room and maybe that was because i heard them in my sleep and then incorporated them into my dreams. i have no explanation and alas, that was the extent of ghostly goings on. still, the plantation was a lovely experience. the staff was very friendly and there was a peaceful sense of well being there. but what really made the trip was the other guests. there are no televisions and so everyone congregates outside, wandering the darkened grounds in search of activity. we all made friends and went looking in each others' rooms as well as stumbling about in the night, wildly photographing in the hopes of catching something on film. the kinds of people that go there are the ones that watch ghost hunters and seek out haunted places to stay. they were all super friendly and it was nice to set reality aside and really get into the spirit of the place. you may not have a paranormal experience there, but it is worth the drive to st. francisville.


Courtney Egan said...

you finally went! too bad the ghosts didn't grace you with their presences.

amyjett said...

so which one is next? that's the real question!