Thursday, June 25, 2009

104 degrees

it was 104 degrees in the city of new orleans yesterday. that is not just breaking the records, that is bloody well shattering them and it is not even august yet. i am scared of august.
my air conditioner, which is a portable r2d2 unit, responsible for cooling the front two rooms of my house cannot combat this kind of extreme heat. consequently, i am sitting in cc's coffee shop in the quarter, trying to keep cool. it also helps me rehydrate since the water i consume at my house cannot quite keep up with the water that i sweat out.
i bought a pair of seersucker shorts yesterday and am currently wearing them. it pays to be fashionably attired in the wilting summer months. these are red striped and i am so enamored of them that i do believe i will be going back to purchase the more traditional blue ones.
i realize that my blogs have less and less to do with politics and more and more to do with the heat induced madness of personal ramblings. it is too hot to be political. politics gets me angry and that in turn gets me hot under the collar and damn but i am already hot under the collar. so i think for now at least, that i will sit here, sipping ice tea and chatting about the weather.


Anonymous said...

104 degrees of heat might sound super hot, but when your getting no heat and lots of rainy weather, you'll take anything! I just bought a nice new window air conditioner: and its pretty much been sitting in the box, lol. Just in my area it has not been hot, just rain, rain, rain...

spoke the cat said...

where do you live? we could use the rain, it cools us down.