Wednesday, June 24, 2009

switching from cox cable

i am trapped here in my house waiting for the dish network technician to come and hook up my new services. he is expected sometime between 8 this morning and noon. i called around to shop for the best price and certainly hope that i made the right decision. dish network gives more for less. so we shall see. in the mean time i am bored. i should be cleaning the house but without the joys of central air condition, much of my house remains hellishly hot. the air condition in the living room is barely keeping these two rooms cool as we approach record breaking temperatures again today. so i am not cleaning but playing on the computer instead. i am forced to recognize that summer is not my super productive season. really, i just feel like sleeping.
i have a tour tonight. the taxi cab folks have been out in force checking our licenses and making sure all is on the up and up. i have been stopped three times now. i know of two tour guides that got their licenses yanked. as a result, i will be pulling in another shift come friday night, at least until he gets his license back. this works out wonderfully well for me as i always get a bit nervous come summer, when tourism drops off a bit. still, i am very optimistic about our dreaded season this year. the hotels are looking good and i think we can stay fairly busy right up until the heat breaks.
i have another appointment lined up for tomorrow at noon to interview a guy about his katrina tattoo. the more people we get, the more excited about the project i become. i think we might actually be able to pull off not only the book but also a documentary as well. so if you or someone you know has a katrina tattoo and a story, please have them contact me at
alright, it is time for some ice cold water.

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