Thursday, September 6, 2007

exporting crime

I am from New Orleans and I'm proud of that fact so if one more person(and people from Houston are the worst) comes up to tell me how their crime rate has increased since Katrina, my head will explode. I have taken to explaining that during the chaotic aftermath of the storm, when 80% of the city flooded, we methodically sorted out our population to deliberately export the dregs of our society. Clearly, we had nothing better to do. It was club med. We had no jobs to worry about, just plenty of time to sun and and take a swim off our roofs. Five days later, we grew bored and that is when we concocted the plan of exporting our criminals. We sent most of them to Houston. Why? Because we hate Texas! By the way Houston, your crime rate was on the rise before Katrina as was the national average and if the truth were told, you have always had a crime problem. So spoke the cat says, shut the fuck up!

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