Thursday, September 20, 2007

the roof

my roof is sprouting. SPROUTING! it is not going from the ground up. there are no vines insidiously working their way up to wreak havoc. it is sprouting. how does this happen? how does a roof just sprout? i now have my own ecosystem on the roof. i don't have a ladder. i need a ladder so that i can climb onto my roof and weed! who has to climb onto their roof to weed for god's sake. is it not enough that my back yard is over run with weeds? the katrina flood waters catapulted it to ruin and despite my best efforts at waging war, nature is winning. she always will. so, i'm scared to climb onto my roof to weed...i mean i can't even park my car. this could be dangerous. i could fall off. oh, i know what you are thinking...spoke is a cat, right? spoke has nine lives. spoke likes all of his paws in working order and besides, i'm afraid of running through those nine lives.

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