Monday, August 10, 2009

august in new orleans

well, it is august in new orleans and is anybody else starting to get the blahs? it's hot. it's humid. the weeds in the backyard have taken on a life of their own and are actively trying to strangle my dog. my dryer quit working. my washing machine sucks and the banana trees are in full on riot mode off my side hall porch. i am in need of a vacation. it occurs to me that i have not had a vacation in years. i do not count the gustav evacuvacation, since that is not exactly the definition of getting away from stress. especially considering that at the time that my truck died and i was at the mercy of my then girlfriend, who took that incredibly stressful moment(coming as it did so close to the anniversary of katrina)to tell me just what a complete fuck up i really am. having the person you are dating tell you that you are a fuck up is always enjoyable especially when you are terrified that the life you have built in new orleans could just go away. needless to say, we are no longer still dating. but i am still in need of a proper vacation.

my wonderful new girlfriend and i are planning a trip to this wooded retreat and i intend to savor every minute of the get away. we can take the dogs and while away the hours hiking in the woods and hunting for fossils in the creek bed. aah. this is not happening for some time. it is best to go to the woods when cold out and so i am left dreaming of a proper vacation.

i think as we go deeper and deeper into the sticky month of august, with its glorious memories, i just might need a mini break or two. damn, i hate august.


The Mad Doctor said...

Well, I was feeling homesick but now...thanks Spoke.

judyb said...

Yeah, August sucks. My vacations are in October and November and I am ready!