Sunday, August 2, 2009

seriously, can we get past the gates thing??

you know what i think? i assume you want to know what i think because you are reading my blog and the only reason i have a blog is to tell you what i think, because yeah, i think i am just that important. i digress. i think gates being arrested had nothing to do with race and everything to do with a testosterone fed pissing contest. gates, being the lion-king of his home felt threatened by the arrival of another male, who dared to question whether he belonged in his own house. gates then began to beat his chest and mouth off, which included a verbal assault on the police officer's mother. the police officer, not to be outdone, then pulled out his dick to show that it was bigger and arrested gates on the spot when he should have just left it alone. hmm, this is how wars start.

i really do not think that gates being arrested was anything more than this. i wonder if gates had been white, would we still be hearing about this? let's save the race card for when it is actually needed.

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