Friday, August 14, 2009

stupid people

i was watching the news featuring the mob mentality of the nation wide town hall discussions on health care when i saw this gentleman saying, "all we want is for you(meaning the government)to leave us alone." ok, i think that man should get exactly what he wants. no more medicaid. no more highways. no more government interference at all. hell, i am wondering why chose to live in a country at all. he clearly is one of such stalwart character that he does not need anyone or anything. i say we pick him up and put him on an island where he can live out his days in peace with absolutely no government interference.
it is the ignorance of this country that keeps us in the dark ages. we take one step forward and 500 steps back, screaming "socialism" all along the fucking way. we will all choke on our stupidity before it is said and done. pathetic.

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