Sunday, April 12, 2009

bargain hunting

i am all for finding a good bargain but not when it comes the the levee system surrounding new orleans. the army corps of engineers is up to its old tricks again, fretting over dollar signs rather than concerning themselves with the safety of the levee system. their proposed plan relies on miles of faulty levee systems that have already proven themselves failures rather than spend the extra money to replace these structures, which would save more money in the long run. they are cutting cost in the short term but ensuring that billions will be spent after yet another catastrophic flood event. this is the most short sighted plan and it is nothing less than criminal. it is appalling to put the lives and property of new orleanians at risk, not to mention the very real possibility of this city not being able to recover a second time. i believe it is time for the corps to be disbanded. we clearly need an agency that puts the lives of american citizens first and we need it before the next storm.

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