Sunday, April 5, 2009

the high cost of sin

i grew up in a religious household and thus am intimately aware of the harsh cycle of sin and guilt. i am proud to say that the experience cured me of organized religion. i find it appalling that there are those people who profess that their god is a loving god and yet engage in acts of hate and violence. i guess i'm wondering if christ would really show up to the funeral services of fallen american soldiers to wave anti-gay signs and trivialize the grief of their families. i am horrified when i watch the video of a young man being flogged by the taliban in pakistan because he had homosexual relations. why do these people care? does it really get you into heaven with your horde of happy virgins? my god! it sickens me to watch a young girl being held down while the taliban beats her. i am disgusted by the so called religious rights' signs that god hates fags. i can't even write this. there is no evolution, at least not with man. from all that i have seen of our behavior, we have done nothing but devolve. from the moment we learned to walk upright to the present, we have waged war. we have gorged ourselves on a steady diet of hypocrisy and hate. sure, we have more advanced technology but is it really more advanced to fine tune the art of killing? someone was once asked what they would not take from earth if they were going to another planet and they replied, "humans." i think that would be a fucking safe bet.

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