Wednesday, April 29, 2009

calming the fear

there is a lot of fear being spread in the media over this so called swine flu. many people like to look back to the 1918 flu pandemic that had death tolls soaring and use it to dredge up new fears. scientists researching that strain of flu have now come out and said that the high death rate was not because of the flu itself but rather as a result of strep infections. it is easy to pick up strep infections in hospitals, which are known breeding grounds for bacteria or in areas where sanitation is not up to par. this may be why mexico is faced with a higher death toll from swine flu than elsewhere. i believe this fear is being spread not just because it makes a good news story but also so that money can be made off future flu vaccines. flu vaccines have not been shown to effectively reduce the risk of contracting the flu and they come with risks of their own, such as paralysis or even death. so, sit back and relax. get plenty of rest and up your vitamin c intake. we will all be just fine.

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Bananahead said...

I totally agree ... The fear mongering is ridiculous!