Tuesday, April 14, 2009

what the fuck is going on??

there have been two shootings in the span of two days so that my neighborhood is sounding more and more like iraq with the rat-a-tat-tat of automatic weapons fire. last night's shoot out at the ok corral woke me up and had me rolling off the bed with my dog in tow so as not to be hit by stray bullets. once the dust settled and the police arrived, i went out to investigate and found two bullet holes in my truck. my truck! this, mind you is the new to me truck that i just bought and i bought it to replace the mad max vehicle that i was sporting. does anyone else find this ironic? because now, with two bullet holes, i actually have a damn mad max vehicle. seriously? maybe i should just get a mohawk and everything pierced, dress in black leather, horde water and decorate in bones. i mean really, this has to be the set of some bad movie, right? right? on top of it all, i drove my truck to the french quarter today to show the girl the bullet holes and i parked on esplanade, never thinking that it was tuesday, street cleaning day.street cleaning day!! they tow on those days. they towed my damn truck! seriously? so i had to walk all the way to the lot of shame on claiborne, where they are oh so friendly and pay $125 to get it out of impound. i was like, "it's the bullet riddled silver ford f-150." i need a drink but i have to work tonight. damn!

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