Thursday, February 26, 2009

capitalism at its finest

for those of you that worship capitalism and long for better trade between the united states and mexico, there is reason to celebrate. as many people know, the drug cartels have all but taken over mexico in one long murderous coup and they are getting wealthy by selling drugs to the good ole u.s.a. see there is fair trade going on. supply and demand. we want drugs and mexico gives them to us. but the capitalist feeding frenzy does not end there, lest you thing america is getting the short end of the stick. no, indeed not, america is supplying mexico with all the weapons needed to gun down police officers and innocents alike. guns equal power and the drug cartels are out gunning and over powering the mexican police and military alike, thanks to america. quid pro quo. everyone gets a little bit of the pie and capitalism continues to thrive. they really should teach this in high school.
spoke is still sick, so if passages of this blog make no sense, it is because i do not know any better at this time.

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