Wednesday, February 11, 2009

pot smokers' call for action

apparently there is a pot lobby and it is calling for the boycott of the kellogg company in protest over their decision to drop michael phelps after he was photographed taking a bong hit. this makes me giggle. i'm giggling right now. first of all, who knew that pot smokers were motivated enough to form a lobby, much less organize a boycott? of course this means that many of the kellogg munchies will be missing from the couches of stoners everywhere. my god, what will they eat? in all fairness to my fine toking brothers and sisters, kellogg is being insufferably hypocritical. they did not drop phelps in the wake of his drunk driving conviction and drinking while behind the wheel is a far worse example to set than relaxing with a joint. at least we know that with pot smokers the only thing in danger is the package of twinkies. let's cut the poor guy a break. he was not for busted using steroids. pot is no performance enhancing drug. personally, i think the kellogg company should roll with it. go ahead and put the picture of phelps taking the bong hit on their cereal boxes with the caption, "when the munchies hit, we have you covered." their sales would go through the roof. and after all, money is the american way of life.

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CrookedCharisma said...

You left out the word "Dude" hehe