Wednesday, February 4, 2009

the crow

i saw a crow perched upon the railing of my neighbor's house and if i recall correctly, that is a harbinger of ill tidings. edgar allen poe was thrown into a fit of fear once the raven came a rapping, gently tapping at his chamber door. all ravens are crows but not all crows are ravens. they can be magpies and rooks as well. a gathering of crows is called a murder and that should give something away as to the place they hold in our collective psyche. i did not stop to ask the one perched upon the railing of my neighbor's house if it had plans to leave anytime soon. i was afraid it might quote, nevermore.


CrookedCharisma said...

Not that ravens are harbingers of ill tidings as much as death itself. They are in my mind the benevolent escorts, upon whose wings our souls are issued forth to the next ethereal plane.

spoke the cat said...

odin used them as spies. he set them loose in the world and they returned to tell him the goings on.

CrookedCharisma said...

Celtic freak of lore hehehe