Sunday, February 1, 2009

safety tips

many of these are common sense but it never hurts to revisit the basics.
1) do not walk at night alone, especially while intoxicated. there is safety in numbers.
2)walk in the middle of the street. you are more visible to passing cars and less likely to get cornered in the dark.
3)walk quickly and with purpose.
4)pay attention to your surroundings. do not talk on the cell phone as this can be a distraction.
4)listen to your gut. if you feel something is not right, then it most likely is not right.
if you should find yourself alone, drunk in a bar, and without cash but afraid to walk home, there are options. i am not a huge fan of the guardian angels because i believe they are not properly trained to function in the capacity they they are attempting to function in and that is scary but they will escort you home. the number for the guardian angels is:347-582-4777. another option is united cab. you can create an account with them that you pay once a month. if you are without cash but need a ride home, you give the driver your account number and settle up at the end of the month. the number for united cab is 504-522-9771. i think this is a great option and it ensures that you will never be caught somewhere without a ride.

be safe.

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Bigezbear said...

I didn't know you could set up an account with United. That is awesome. Thank you.