Saturday, January 31, 2009

crime information

i just returned from the anti-crime meeting at skull club and have some information to pass on.
to report police
to contact new orleans against
the text alert

distric attorney leon cannizzarro 504-822-2414
public integrity bureau 504-658-6100
nopd internal affairs 504-658-6800
state police 800-434-9232

i will have more to say on the meeting shortly. some very good ideas were put forth on how we can protect ourselves.


CrookedCharisma said...

Spoke: You know I love you, but please do let this get into a witch hunt. There are some good cops out there that do their job. Remind people that if they report a crime, they have to request a police follow-up or the officers may not stop by there (I can explain details more later). But so many people do not report crimes because of the perception of the cops (true or false) but it has to be reported. Just my add-on

spoke the cat said...

i agree that there are cops that are doing their job but the vast majority are not. it is like when i spoke to them in person about the drug dealing going on, they showed up and told everyone i had called to complain. the could have gotten me killed. enough.